Having a reliable source of building project management at your work site is incredibly valuable because it ensures that the job is progressing as it should, meeting your timeline, and adhering to the codes and regulations that go along with it. 

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is your number one source of project management, as well as a range of other services, including earthmoving, electrical and plumbing. Here’s what to expect from our project management experts. 

What is Building Project Management?

In essence, building project management is the duty of overseeing a building project and managing the various things that go along with it. This includes making sure each step in the project is completed on time, as well as ensuring the right people and right tools are on hand at the building site for each phase of the project. It also means taking care of problems that arise along the way. 

A Project Manager’s Duties

Understanding what the project manager is responsible for helps you plan your building project and hire the right crew to complete each job that needs to be done. Their main duties include estimating and negotiating the cost of the project, creating a budget and timetable, putting together a labour schedule, deciding on methods and strategies, communicating with the various entities involved in the building project, ensuring that codes are being met and working to resolve problems and conflicts. There may be other jobs that come along that a manager will take on, but the basic scope of his or her work is overseeing the project.

Assist with the Four Stages of Building Projects

Most building projects move along according to four basic stages, each of which the project manager plays a role in. The first stage is the concept of the building that will be put together. This means deciding where to build, the size of the building and the layout of the building, as well as the materials used and the codes and paperwork that’s necessary.

Then pre construction begins, which involves appointing the team of employees to do each job involved in the building project. Other steps include getting the materials and equipment to the job site and the actual construction project can begin. Each step is important and the project manager helps with each of them. 

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